I Am Like a Button.

I am like a button

You do not need me

until I am gone

Threadless for many days

like a right without a wrong

I am like a button

you do not see me

until I am untied

worn at the strings

like a true love one hides

So remember, I am like a button

necessary, important, and here.

For without me

you would need another my dear.

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Today, I was reminded of Perfume Genius- a really awesome artist who I had followed and listened to a lot some time ago. I was talking with a friend who messaged me a link to one of his songs and then I clicked the link. I went to spotify and started listening again. I am pretty sure the guy, it is just a one man show, started writing music in his basement or something (or so came the socially…

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EE Cummings Is Boss.

I love love poetry. And poetry in general. It is so fantastic. There is something really exhilarating to me and soul wrenching about reading poetry and tapping into that transcendental lost romantic sort of passionate state of being that I think people go into when they really lose themselves in poetry. EE Cummings wrote perhaps one of the most mesmerizing poems about falling in love and the…

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What Is It About Books?

What Is It About Books?

What is it about books? 

They are all you have she said 

And what of your precious looks? 

What a dangerous layer of ice she treads

What is it about your mind? 

There is something wrong with you she said 

And if you were healed what might you find? 

A life full of love to be lead 

What if the two could just settle? 

Like tea poured from a kettle 

Calm before the storm 

Of sweet sugar and tea…

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Here In Copenhagen.

I am here in Copenhagen once again. I love it. I really do. The start has been quite rocky, to say the least however. There are some odd points in my mind where I ask myself “why did I leave home?” and something like “jesus… what have you done?”, but then I talk to my friends and people I know and hear stories about how they are stuck in corporate American life working desk jobs and sulking day…

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I Try to Say Goodbye and Ah Choke.

I Try to Say Goodbye and Ah Choke.

This house is still. The crisp green dollars float on the granite plateau. We have eaten here. Feasted here. The tips of my fingers type quietly, but they are as drums against the tone of the men speaking tones I cannot seem to understand on the television. Something surges inside of me- a passion, a sadness, or perhaps a great joy. It might be my spirit or something seeping through my pores…

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Past The Surface

My heart is the mirror in your bathroom

The one you look into each day

It gets you past the surface of things

Allowing my love to stay

The effervescent glass creates  a great wall

Our love is the only truth that gets us through

Away from that surreality

That makes life so untrue.

My love is authentic

And your mirror is so clean

At least now anyway

The future is so unseen

I am afraid your eyes may wander

Away from my heart so pure

Right to another mirror

Another heart that has allure

But this is the only heart

That knows your eyes and iris color

One love, one gaze

Please tell me there is no other

My heart was the mirror in your bathroom

The one you looked into each day

It got you through to the truth of things

But it lead my soul astray 

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